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Below are some questions we are frequently asked. If none of these answer your enquiries please do not hesitate to call to speak to us direct on either 07737 914 146 or 07557 223 138 or email us by clicking here.

Yes we can but this will obviously only be an approximate quote.  We will need to see drawings or plans of the installation have an idea on the type of stone you want quoted on and as much detail as possible to provide a more accurate quote.

To place your order just call us on 07737 914 146 or 07557 223 138 and we will talk you through everything.

Absolutely not. We never compromise on the quality of our products or workmanship just to achieve a lower price. All our material and work is of a high standard and consistent across every order from every customer. It is because of our relationship with our suppliers and our efficient systems that we can price so competitively

That’s not true. In reality because of the highly polished finish of the surface they actually act like a mirror reflecting light back into the room so making it appear brighter and bigger.

We ask for 50% of the total cost as deposit when you place your order and the balance paid upon installation. We are happy to accept bank transfer, cash or cheque to pay for works. However, all cheques must clear before work is commenced.

A template is an exact copy of any area that we will be fabricating your choice of stone. So, for example, for your kitchen work surface we will accurately measure and create copies of the surface area using a material called Corex. This then gives our fabricators the exact shape to cut the stone to thus ensuring it is 100% accurate. The template allows for every feature affecting the work surface such as sinks, hobs, etc ensuring everything fits perfectly.

It’s not essential but we would always recommend it in case we have any questions or there are particular points you want to point out to us.

We have a manufacturing yard in Waltham Abbey where we fabricate everything, so you cut out the middle-man.

The single most asked question we get. Put simply, Granite is a natural material extracted from a quarry whereas Quartz is a man-made engineered stone made from a composite of materials that mixes approximately 95% ground natural quartz with 5% polymer resins

Quartz is generally a harder material than granite but the choice of one or the other is very much a question of personal taste. We would recommend you visit our showroom and talk through the pros and cons with our specialist advisors.

Of course you can. We supply direct to both the public and the trade which ensures you are benefiting from trade prices and getting the best value for your money.

It’s not necessary to remove your worktops but we would always recommend it as we are fitting to the units and want to ensure it fits them perfectly not just replaces the old worktop.

We usually allow 5 working days.

Of course. We can either bring samples when we quote or template or you can visit our showroom. In many cases we are happy to supply samples for you to take home to live with for a while and ask opinions of friends and family.

It may be that you have measurements from the unit supplier or that you have taken yourself but we will still insist on taking our own measurements as it’s the only way we can guarantee everything fits perfectly to our standards and your satisfaction.

Don’t worry our design experts can offer advice and guidance based upon years of experience, there are not many situations we have not already encountered.

Don’t worry we have a variety of products that can meet your needs and budget.

Not a problem. We will work around your availability. We can arrange to visit you after your work and then for every stage of the process to fit with your lifestyle and availability.

Ideally we would prefer if you were in attendance for both the templating and the installation so that any issues can be discussed and agreed there and then. But if you are happy with the way we have managed your project then we are happy to undertake the works in your absence so you can have a relaxing holiday and do return to a spectacular new home.

Our expert installers have years of experience installing virtually every type of stone in every type of situation possible. So you can have 100% peace of mind that your kitchen or bathroom will be perfect.

We pride ourselves of always being competitive. If you do receive a price elsewhere show us the quote and if we can beat it we will and if we can’t we will tell you.

We love to be recommended because it tells us that was another happy customer. In fact a large amount of our business comes from referrals because our customers are always delighted with the end result and the price.